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a new year’s wedding bash {montana wedding photographer}

January 25, 2011

earlier this summer i was honored to be chosen to photograph this couple’s wedding. let me rephrase that. i am ALWAYS honored. but this was a special sort of honor, a sort of stop me in my tracks ‘wow’ honor. erin is a fellow photographer (you may recognize from this post) and so to be chosen by ANOTHER photographer to photograph her wedding felt like an extra special gift; almost like a, ‘wow, i’ve made it’ moment.

erin & tom made my job a breeze. beautiful couple, beautiful venue, beautiful details. the only drawback for a southwest girl like me was the weather. it. was. cold. really cold. like below zero cold. but what troopers. we popped in and out of the woodlands like human yoyo’s to get all the images we wanted. champs, they were. champs.

so without further adieu, because erin you have been waiting so patiently, erin & tom wells wedding…

this very first image is probably one of my favorites from the whole day. i love the light, the buttery warmth, the expression on her face, her curls, the anticipation of the day…enough said.

the girls got their hair done at probably one of the COOLEST salon’s i have ever seen. capelli’s was so cool that it’s kind of hard to describe, so you’ll just have to trust me or head over to check it out yourself. regardless, the light & decor contributed to some gorgeous images…a fun bride & bridal party helped too…hula hooping anyone?

a few of my favorite details. i love the ring shot on the ‘clapper hands’…did i mention this wedding party rang in the new year? oh yes, they did. you can see that later in the post.

tom was such a handsome groom to compliment his beautiful bride. and i love their expressions in the middle picture before their first look.

i SO wish i could remember what was said to get this next series of images…but i LOVE.

i really, really love these next images of erin. the light was very low in the ceremony area. so if you’re a photog, you probably guessed it, i was shooting with a VERY high ISO, but i love the texture, depth, and moodiness it gave the images. a refreshing change. a beautiful bride.

the bridal party with their son patrick as the most handsome best man i’ve ever met.

another one of my favorites of the day.

and a few snaps to give you a teeny tiny glimpse of the fun that was had at the reception. happy new year!

tom & erin. thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for you. i hope with all my heart that you love them!


random thought weekend

January 24, 2011

i can’t think of anything clever to write tonight. but i do have lots of images to share from our weekend, so i’m hoping once the pictures start flowing, so do the words…if not, my apologies, but here we go : random thought weekend.

trying to inject more creativity into our household. lately i’ve been feeling lacking, in a desperate sort of way, like must. be. creative. must rearrange living room and present project idea after project idea to my unsuspecting lover. heeheee, he’s teetering. random. so i snapped these shots of ownee finger painting away, i love the look of concentration he has in this image…

and this bird’s-eye view almost makes me feel like i’m right there painting with him…ps this was the runniest finger paint of ALL TIME. by the time he was done we had puddles underneath the easel. thank goodness for cheap sheets from a thrift store.

i wanna be a baller, shock collar, 20″ blades on the impala…for some reason these images of emmi make me want to step back in time and sing that old rap song. random. he SO wants to be like his big brother and so is forever mimicking him this time teeball style. plus, i just can’t ever, EVER get enough of his big, BIG, BIG blue eyes.

and this image. i love everything about this image. the vintage looking tee, his little hand gripping the ball, him hugging his bat, the color, blurred toes, green grass…ahhhhh…

every time we play outside, my frost eaten plants stare me in the face like what the heck?! this is the southwest…how did we end up like nature’s popsicles. sad.

i’m pretty sure i’ve decided everyone should got to target at least once in their lives dressed like this…

super ownee and his stripey side kick bust through the red target doors to save unsuspecting customers from poor purchasing decisions…bahahahahahahah! i’ve also decided capes have a magical way of making you feel empowered and wouldn’t it be awesome if cape’s were part of our normal, everyday wardrobe. random. i warned you. reeeeeeeally random.

for some reason, i love jet trails streaking across the sky. they make me happy.

so does this chalk.

i think chalk drawing could become some sort of therapy. depressed? here’s some colorful chalk…go knock yourself out on that sidewalk there and then hit up that cinderblock wall. come back when you either run out of chalk or feel happier. what do you think? :)

and then there’s this guy. he started real, true, honest-to-goodness teeball this weekend, and he loves it. but i’m not sure he loves it as much as i love watching him.

they learned to throw by showing off their muscles.

i love his intensity in this next image, but my favorite part of the whole teeball lesson was when he would flash me the ‘i love you’ sign and his brilliant smile every few minutes or so. i love you too little buddy.

ownee’s biggest fan, and much more patient than anticipated. it’s REALLY hard to sit still and watch someone play something you love too.

ps…remember i’m trying to inject more creativity into our world? i made emmi’s shirt this weekend. oh, yeah! and he will gladly point out his airplane for you…

my three favorite fellas…

i’m going to wrap up my random thoughts for the night and possibly think about going to bed…possibly. but i do need to say that the next blog post will be the one you are waiting for. and you know who you are. and my apologies for how LONG it has taken me.

and good night!


January 18, 2011

i wish i could tell you my 3 day weekend started out wonderfully, that magic was made, that exciting things happened, but in all honesty, i was crabby, uninspired, down in the dumps, yuck. i’m sure i was a burden to anyone i was around which mainly included lover and my babies. what can i say? i was a drag.

sometimes it’s hard to bust out of a slump. to drag yourself to the top of motivation mountain, check out the view and get started. yep, at the start of the weekend, i was in the valley of yuck, and the top of motivation mountain was barely visible through my debbie-downer cloud.

insert owen. he’s four. he loves life. he got a camera for his birthday. he wants to be like mama. he wants to capture the world from his perspective.

so on sunday, we loaded up the wagon with the goods (snacks, water, camera, babies) and went out to catch some perspective. to view the world however the heck we wanted through our very own lense.

here is the man in action. the man that helped me put my crabbiness aside, to step back and view and appreciate the world in a new way. perspective.

it cracks me up that, me unawares, he was taking similar images. perspective.

on our walk, we opened our eyes to the details. the textures we tend to overlook when we’re in a hurry. perspective.

my view…

owen’s view…

we looked at nature. at trees we see every single day and tried to sum them up in an image. perspective.



and do you know, that with each click of the shutter, with each new detail, i began to climb out of my crabby cave and into the light. all because a little boy wanted to take out his camera and show me a little perspective. show me the little things. and because of this, i began to feel invigorated, inspired, grateful…and we all know how gratitude makes me giddy. the clouds parted. life felt good from a different angle. perspective.

and to top off my eye-opening, happy boys at the park. i can’t get enough of these two little fellas.

*don’t be deceived. moments after this picture was taken owen thrust emmitt down the slide head first. aaaah, brotherly love…

thanks to owen, i not only saw the world from a new perspective, but life from a new perspective as well. and i’ll be damned if it isn’t brighter and happier than before! the valley of yuck is behind me and the mountain of motivation is clear as a whistle. bring it on week. bring it on. life is in perspective. the font of gratitude is flowing and my debbie downer persona is tucked away in the corner of my mind. bring. it. on.

one final note on perspective, even little emmitt chipped in when he secretly found my camera lounging in the wagon and managed to take a few clicks before he was discovered. perspective.

i missed you & a birthday boy

January 13, 2011

my blog feels sad and lonely and i’ve been missing you. our vacation to the mountains was invigorating and both long enough and not long enough at all. Christmas was a blessing. a joy. i hope yours was too. i missed you. i missed you blog. i missed you readers. i missed the click, click clicking that is the late night rhythm in my head. i missed the pouring out of my thoughts onto the digital paper and hoping someone out there felt it was worthy enough for reading, dare i say, a comment? i missed you.

as much as i’d like to, i’m not going to back track and drag you through Christmas all over again. just know that it was wonderful and white and full of wonder and family and love. and just as our plane hit the runway in phoenix, my mind had to hop on over into birthday mode.

i’m not going to lie, it’s hard to get into that mode right after Christmas. when the newness of all their toys hasn’t worn off and the magic of Christmas and santa still lingers on their little lips (owen, “it’s still a little Christmas, right mama?”). but we did it. we rocked it in the best birthday boy fashion kicking the day off with birthday donuts…

…and a powdered sugar smile.

isn’t it funny how life and celebrations revolve around food? or maybe that’s just our family. at any rate, lunch for the birthday boy consisted of hotdogs and cheeseballs at the park. sorry, no really great pictures of the picnic. what it really broke down to was me chasing emmitt away from the duck pond, trying to eyeball two kids at the ultra-busy park (doesn’t anybody in our town work?!) and feeding the birds cheeseballs (which i did manage to get a picture of…still trying to figure out how i managed that while hollering after emmitt and catching owen’s ‘birthday’ pop from spilling for the umpteenth time…) it’s a cool pic though. i’m making the picnic sound hectic but sometimes hectic is fun. and that’s what we had : fun!

owen was beyond exhausted by the time it was time for cake, but what a little sweetie…happy birthday big boy! we love you, we love you, we love you!

after birthday snugglebugs…

a random/frantic/last minute Christmas post!

December 17, 2010

i know i promised more blog posts this week, and i hate to fall down on a promise. in order to prove to myself that i’m not a complete and utter-disappointment to you all, i am typing away frantically with t-1hour until we depart for the airport and our snowy-winterwonderland for Christmas.

with that in mind excuse the randomness of this post, but enjoy and wishing you a blessed and happy, happy Christmas!

we actually coaxed owen onto santa’s lap this year (first year EVER in his 3, almost 4 year old life!)…

if i would have had more time this week, i dreamed i would be writing inspiring Christmas time posts like ashley over at under the sycamore.

i’m in love with this families modern way of presenting their Christmas card. click the link to view, it’s too cute!

we had our “Christmas” with santa and the whole works last weekend before we zoom off to the rockies. i love this picture of emmi after all is said and done…he looks like he is exhausted from present overload! :)

gotta run, the snow is calling! merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

cousin cuties {phoenix children’s photography}

December 13, 2010

i’m back from a blog drought and am ready to post again! sorry people, life got hectic, Christmas gifting got in the way, and blah, blah, blah (more on what i’ve been up to in a post or two…) but for now, let me show off these two little cousin cuties i had the pleasure of shooting!

we started off on a great note with me bearing balloons and happy kiddos because of them…

but that was short-lived, thanks to the man at fry’s who helped me with the balloon’s and who apparently forgot to take knot tying 101 because literally 5 minutes after we arrived…bye-bye balloons…

and do you know that i had a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old that did. not. cry. not even a whimper or a tear. NOTHING. i was super impressed! because knowing my boys (who are pretty much the same ages…) the faucets would have turned on and the floodgates would have flowed had that been THEIR balloons! i’m on a tangent, but the point is, we still managed to get some great images regardless of the loss of our helium inflated friends. check it.

he sucks his pointer finger instead of a thumb or a bink, which i found adorable :)

heart melting…

photographer + candy = 2-year-old quincy’s new best buddy

feel the joy :)

thank you for playing boys! have a happy monday all, and *promises* of more posts this week!

recap : the gratitude project

December 1, 2010

it’s december 1st. already. has the Christmas flurry hit your home yet? are the tunes ringing, lights twinkling, goodies baking? perhaps you have snow (*jealous*) or an ornament adorned cacti in your yard (ahem, lover…) never-the-less, Christmas is upon us. but before we dive head first into the jingle, jangle of Christmas, i wanted to give a quick farewell to the month of november and to my gratitude project. i know some of you that started your own gratitude projects, and whether on facebook, at home or in your heart, thank you for joining me in spreading the gratitude fever.

i thought i would share a little recap of the month. a list outlining my gratitude, along with a photo-montage of course! and as i look over my list, i feel that cup-half-full feeling. that bubbling up, happy-in-my-heart contentedness. thankful. blessed. truly blessed. i hope you do to.

  • holding my babies while they still fit on my lap
  • being called mama
  • sleep
  • innocence
  • color
  • night-time fires
  • peanut butter s’mores
  • brotherly bonds
  • blue skies
  • exploring/learning something new/growing
  • bike rides (babies in tow)
  • sweet nothings whispered by my 3-year-old
  • unbridled laughter
  • the great outdoors/hiking
  • everyday moments (little boys tucked into a shopping cart)
  • jumping on the bed
  • clean snuggle bugs
  • reflective self portraits
  • fall colored toenails
  • our sandbox
  • free coffee
  • blanket forts
  • drive thrus
  • the promise of the future
  • the moon
  • fostering an early love of reading
  • birdie bells dangling in my kitchen
  • kind strangers
  • new traditions
  • exhaustion from holiday eats
  • my lover
  • my snister
  • the magical season of Christmas

blessed. see for yourself…