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little thoughts of LOVE

February 14, 2011

i’m struggling to find words tonight. there’s a lot of type-type-type-type-baaaaaaaaaackspace going on. not that i have any super deep thoughts to share or that our valentine’s day was earth shattering-ly romantic, i think my brain might be giving up for the night. that said, i’m jumping right in…

valentine’s day. a happy one to you! this year i thought i would just embrace the fact that this is a sugar-based holiday. let’s face it, valentine’s day could easily be called sugar day and everyone would be just as happy. so in order to correctly embrace this day long sugar high, the boys woke up to a table cloaked in red, handmade valentines, chocolate and a bowl of candy hearts…they. were. thrilled. my heart melted when owen said a simple, ‘thank you for the valentine mommy!’ don’t you love kids? a simple handmade card and some chocolate and he was on cloud 9!

oh, don’t think we stopped there! we had hot chocolate and heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream (oh, yes we did and all this before 7am!) i think i am their hero. and i’m cool with that.

(*apologies for the quality of these next few images. we were up early, the light sucked (to be frank) and i didn’t have time to whip out the speedlight…that said, they’re still pretty darn cute in my opinion.)

love you too.

my valentine’s gift? the boys and lover brought me some flowers to plant outside…just wanted to share because they are so nice and spring-y (in a seasonal kind of way, not a jumping on the bed kind-of-a way…)

owen had gotten some caterpillars for his birthday that we watched transform into butterflies (AWESOME gift idea if you’re looking for something outside the box to give a little one!) we figured it was the perfect time to set them free to enjoy the new flowers.

a quick share on the valentine’s owen took to give his friends at his school valentine’s day party. we skewed away from candy (gasp! don’t tell my alter ego who was celebrating the day of sugar earlier!) but this idea was too fun to pass up and he LOVED it.

there is nothing quite like walking into the grocery store with 20 odd quarters, a 2 and a 4-year-old, and a bouncy ball dispenser…want a good time? you should try it… :)

our most favorite valentine’s day tradition is definitely dinner. it started WAY back when lover and i were in college (too poor to go out to eat? not sure…) but now every single valentine’s day, without fail, we eat mac n’ cheese and hotdogs for dinner. oh yes, we do. we splurge and really go all out and get the ‘good’ mac n’ cheese and the ‘good’ hotdogs. it’s fun to make something so ordinary become special by doing it year after year isn’t it? wish i had a picture to share, but we were to excited and scarfed it all down before my sugar numbed brain remembered to pick up a camera!

so that’s that, valentine’s day. i hope yours was just as awesome, and the boys hope it was cool dude. really, cool.

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