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an announcement & happy thoughts *wheeeeee!*

February 11, 2011

the blog has been sitting vacant again, have you noticed? somehow it keeps getting neglected, and i know loyal few of you who check each and everyday to see if there’s a new post…and for that, i thank you!

i’m going to start this post off with an announcement that i’ve been holding onto (though i’m sure many of you out there who stalk the blog have already heard the word…) there is a new *thing* coming to our residence this summer…

you got that right! *thing 3* will grace us with his/her presence august 10-ish (SO excited!) and for the time being (and for hopefully not much longer), *thing 3* has graced me with things like : feeling tired, slightly (*a lot*) unmotivated and slightly (*more than i’d like to admit*) moody…thus the lack of blogging and the increased movie watching and napping going on at my house. but fear not! i’m dragging my unmotivated booty out of my sweatpants and back into ‘real’ life!

in order to do so, i went on a clicking spree and snapped some shots of a few tiny and random things that make me happy. it never fails to give me a boost when i focus on the little positive things in my life and life in general. so herrrrrre we go!

happy thought 1 : the moment when you realize your little baby is not so little anymore. and you are both happy and a little sad because of it. i had one of those moments with little emmi the other day. with him rockin’ his baseball hat, you can no longer think baby. just cute, happy little boy.

happy thought 2 : watching your little one focus, learn, absorb, make friends, try new things, expand, grow, live.

happy thought 3 : getting to wear a ‘winter’ hat in the southwest because the weather was finally cool enough (momentarily). yeah baby.

happy thought 4 : enjoying the out-of-doors in my quote-un-quote winter hat with these two rascals :) (*some good old-fashioned sun flare in my images always adds a bonus happy thought*)

*another bonus happy thought : emmitt peeking out from behind his big brother…could they be cuter? bias, of course.*

happy thought 5 : watching emmitt drink his ketchup. result? this cute face paired with a fancy-super-polite pinky finger french fry raise…

happy thought 6 : life details that scream little boy-hood.

happy thought 7-ish : here’s the random one (you were waiting, admit it.) i was really, REALLY trying to focus on the teeny tiny details that made me happy. things like…shadow pictures that leave your imagination a little wiggle room, carmax the lipbalm of choice that lives nestled inside my makeup bag (what’s your fav?), this banner i made for owen’s party (everything about it makes me smile : the colors, the shape, the fact that i hot glued it together and i just don’t care and that it dangles haphazardly in our living room in no particular thought-out arrangement…), and shoe-shots with slightly protruding baby bellies…

happy thought 8 : when well-meaning art projects turn into…feather fights?

happy thought 9 : who else? what can i say? i love my boys. can’t. get. enough.

thanks for joining me on my happy trails. more blogging on a new day. *promise*…make that *thing 3* promises :o) happy, happy night all!

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  1. Travis permalink
    February 11, 2011 1:16 am

    Stac I don’t know how I feel about you blogging without pants on…

    “i’m dragging my unmotivated booty out of my sweatpants…”

    Perhaps it’s none of my business but I don’t know if I’d share it while the whole blog world! :-)

    • February 11, 2011 7:58 am

      lol, aren’t you funny! i guess i should have clarified that it meant getting into a pair of jeans…

  2. Your Mama permalink
    February 11, 2011 11:29 am

    I love love every single one of these pictures and posts. I am so homesick for you guys that I am at least thankful for this blog that I can keep up with all of your goings on. I love Emmi with his hat, Owie with his hands in the batting position and especially the features all over the face, feet, etc. Love you Stac!

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