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recap : the gratitude project

December 1, 2010

it’s december 1st. already. has the Christmas flurry hit your home yet? are the tunes ringing, lights twinkling, goodies baking? perhaps you have snow (*jealous*) or an ornament adorned cacti in your yard (ahem, lover…) never-the-less, Christmas is upon us. but before we dive head first into the jingle, jangle of Christmas, i wanted to give a quick farewell to the month of november and to my gratitude project. i know some of you that started your own gratitude projects, and whether on facebook, at home or in your heart, thank you for joining me in spreading the gratitude fever.

i thought i would share a little recap of the month. a list outlining my gratitude, along with a photo-montage of course! and as i look over my list, i feel that cup-half-full feeling. that bubbling up, happy-in-my-heart contentedness. thankful. blessed. truly blessed. i hope you do to.

  • holding my babies while they still fit on my lap
  • being called mama
  • sleep
  • innocence
  • color
  • night-time fires
  • peanut butter s’mores
  • brotherly bonds
  • blue skies
  • exploring/learning something new/growing
  • bike rides (babies in tow)
  • sweet nothings whispered by my 3-year-old
  • unbridled laughter
  • the great outdoors/hiking
  • everyday moments (little boys tucked into a shopping cart)
  • jumping on the bed
  • clean snuggle bugs
  • reflective self portraits
  • fall colored toenails
  • our sandbox
  • free coffee
  • blanket forts
  • drive thrus
  • the promise of the future
  • the moon
  • fostering an early love of reading
  • birdie bells dangling in my kitchen
  • kind strangers
  • new traditions
  • exhaustion from holiday eats
  • my lover
  • my snister
  • the magical season of Christmas

blessed. see for yourself…

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