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happy turkey day {belated} & a gratitude backlog

December 1, 2010

i’m baaaaack! did you think i dropped off the face of the planet? on the contrary, like everyone else in the u.s. of a., i’ve been bogged down in holiday celebrations (a good bogged down you know!) i hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving, that your waist line feels a little tighter, and that your smile lines have become more prominent after being with family and friends over the long weekend.

*i like smiling, smiling’s my favorite* -buddy the elf*

i wish i could tell you to brace yourselves for a barrage of thanksgiving images illustrating my holiday weekend, but in all honesty, i didn’t take many (believe it!) i just settled in, hunkered down and enjoyed the time with my family; celebrated my birthday and just had some fun! and since i don’t have a ba-jillion turkey day images to show you, i still owe the world a back log of gratitude. so let’s get gratified…

for kind strangers that un-knowingly make your day. and to one kind lady in particular that made my entire week. *snuggle up time for a story* : owen and i were walking to the car after leaving a store just being silly and making each other laugh when the lady walking near us looked at me and said, “he’s going to remember a fun mommy.” wow. really? you think so? you, someone i have never met, were able to glean this from the few minutes you observed us? lady, i sure hope you’re right. if my babies remember anything about me when they’re older, i pray they remember the fun and love that i poured into them. but wow. what an out-of-the-blue and amazing comment to make to a complete stranger. thank you.

for new traditions. oh yeah baby, you better believe it! pumpkin and cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles for breakfast thanksgiving morning. new tradition? consider yourself, broken in…see you next year!

…all while watching the macy’s day parade of course. i lost them after sponge bob, but hey, at least i tried :)

for the exhaustion that only comes only after too. much. eating.

for my wonderful husband. lover. you didn’t think i would leave lover out of all this gratitud-ing did you? for him i am most thankful. and for waaaaaay too many reasons to list here. just know that i am thankful and i love him to the moon and back (and back, and back, and back…you get the picture!)

for my snister. i love her to pieces. she’s awesome and talented, and i’m so very proud of her. i don’t tell her that enough. steph, i’m proud of you! on a complete sidenote/bonus : she’s also my body double when we go shopping (you should get one. it’s way easier to go shopping if you have someone else try on all the clothes for you. ‘cute! no. yuck. yes! too short. awesome!’) :0) love you snister! and here we are back in the day y’all…

and gratitude for the upcoming Christmas season and all the joy small children, especially your own can bring. we kicked off the season by selecting the perfect tree (nearly impossible as the lady adamantly refused to let us free the tree of its straight jacket because there was already a ‘sample’ tree for viewing…ri.dic.u.lous.) all in all it didn’t really matter to owen, who is the only one who mattered to us…soak in his excitement…

…little boys don’t get much happier than this people! i love you owen! you make everything an exciting adventure! thank you for teaching us to view life through rose-colored glasses…

it may just be me, but nothing tops the magic of the Christmas season…

all the boys ornament ended up on approximately 3 branches, and boy were they tickled with a job well done :)

owen had the ‘topper’ honor this year, i love the bottom image even though it’s blurry because of 3 things :

  1. owen is super happy because he got the star on
  2. the star is about to bend over backwards and owen is still cheering
  3. the look on lover’s face…priceless

of course we rocked a little white tree in owen’s room, we are intense…yes siree…

more to come on holiday cheer! i hope you have begun to deck your own halls and would love to know any traditions your family has for this magical season! happy, happy night to you!

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  1. Barbara King permalink
    December 1, 2010 11:12 am

    I have so enjoyed every single one of your gratitude posts! They always make my day. You should seriously consider writing some children’s books. Maybe start with a series including gratitude, truth, real happiness, etc.

    • December 1, 2010 1:53 pm

      thank you so much barbara! writing a children’s book as always been on my ‘to-do’ list, hopefully one day i can make it a reality! your encouraging words sure make it seem more possible! thank you as always for reading!

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