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grateful project : the little things * day 5

November 6, 2010

grateful : day 5

today, i’m grateful for color. for anyone who does not know me, i love, love, LOVE color. walk into my house and it’s like walking into a tasteful box of crayons. you’ll find different shades of greens, blues, yellows and oranges. i have always been fascinated with color : how they can enhance or detract from something; the ba-jillion ways they can be paired together; how they blend; how there are infinite shades of green, hues of red, different saturations, etc. etc. imagine a world without color…gag me. so today, i’m thankful for the colorful world around us!

‘i cannot pretend to be impartial about the colors. i rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.’ *winston churchill*

i really, REALLY like this quote because nothing makes me cringe more than when someone tells me they painted rooms in their house a ‘color’ and when i ask them which one, they reply with, “well, it’s kind of a light brown, or a taupe, or a tan…” blech. really? you have the entire spectrum to work with and that’s what you came up with? what are you afraid of people? color enhances our lives and our mood…you have my permission to branch out from tan. take a risk. dip your brush in and LIVE. :)

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