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grateful project : the little things * day 3

November 3, 2010

grateful : day 3

i’m going to jump off the serious train today for some gratitude that’s a little more light-hearted. today’s gratefulness stems from something that i don’t always get enough of (and i’m sure some of you can relate) and that is sleep. sleepy, sleepy, sleep (p.s. it’s one of those words that if you look at it and say it long enough it starts to look weird + it’s fun to say…bonus gratitude!) doesn’t it feel fantastic to be able to crawl into your cozy bed at night after a loooooong day and just crash? and don’t even get me started about napping…give me the chance and i will jump at it everytime! so today, i’m thankful for sleep, for extra shut-eye, for a few winks, or checking your eyelids for light leaks, or whatever you want to call it. SLEEP.

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  1. November 3, 2010 11:25 pm

    sweet pic of sweet emmi!!! i wish sleep craved me as much as i crave sleep!

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