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perea family * phoenix family photographer

October 25, 2010

oh the perea family, what a joy! and their little man, marcus, is soooooo laid back (it’s ridiculous!) seriously, he made one little squawk at the end of the session and mama and daddy determined he was a ‘crabby pants.’ really? because that was AMAZING if that was his crabby and really, i want THAT kind of crabby in my digs. :)

i am so in love with this picture…it resonates carefree joy & love…

getting his serious on for the camera…handsome little devil!

i’ve determined that the detail images are always my favorite. here’s what i see : the details of his face are amazing; he’s devoting his focus to his toy, and yet in the background you see mama’s hand reaching, ready to catch him if he falls. and how true to life is that?

perea’s : thank you for your patience and for once again letting me capture your love, your life, you.

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  1. Kelley permalink
    October 25, 2010 10:19 pm

    This is MY amazing family….My precious first-born, my first daughter and my first grandbaby…I LOVE THEM!!!

  2. October 26, 2010 3:44 am

    cutest family ever! and, awesome pics. :)

  3. Jacqueline Perea permalink
    October 26, 2010 8:36 am

    Ah Stac…THANK YOU! I love them!! Look how big my baby is though (and look at those lashes!)… compaired to the newborn shots… It’s gone sooo fast! *My little crabby pants! He did cut his first tooth less than a week after this* Cant wait to see the rest!!


  4. Maurin permalink
    October 27, 2010 6:36 pm

    what a perfect beautiful family!! <3

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