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airshow…aka we have fun

October 16, 2010

one day, when my parents were still in town, and the weather was still too toasty for any sane person to want to be outside, we (dad & our friend franko) decided that we should spend the day outside at an airshow. for those of you who’ve never been to so-called airshow, let me lay it down for ya. it goes somethin’ like this : arrive. unload. sweat. walk ten miles to enter said airshow. enter. sweat more. walk around asphalt runway otherwise known as a hot plate (eggs up!). listen to random guys talk up their home-builts. pretend you’re interested. pretend you know what the heck they’re talking about (ah-huh. yeah. oh, i see. that’s awesome.) sweating. all airplanes look the same (except that cool green one…ahhhhh). still sweating. walk more. more airplanes. more sweat. couple hours later , done-dy. and that’s pretty much your basic airshow…unless you’re there with us. because we make EVERYTHING an adventure. roll ’em!

tia & owen rockin’ it pre-sweat :)

details & a self-portrait…

owen & his beeeeeest friend, i think we should betroth them. they are beyond cute together. kloppings? what do you think? :)

*see! told you there was a cool green one. and you thought i was joking…*

see what i’m sayin’? much. too. cute.

i thought we deserved our own shadow picture, lover and me.

we. love. airshows.

see? even airshows can be fun with the right gear (camera) and subjects (fun people with a random airplane here and there) it’s all about being together and making the most with what you got!

*a little shout out to my dad here because he actually really does love these things and actually gleans useful information from them! he could be the poster child for learning…the guy LOVES to learn and absorbs anything he can get his hands on. go, daddy go!

happy weekend all! what adventure will you find?

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  1. Tina permalink
    October 16, 2010 11:45 pm

    Totally agree!!!!!!! Soooo cute……love, love, love the pictures and especially your “words” HA-tell it like it is sista-everything is so true lol Had a great time! Still glad I ran from the portrait part of our day! :)

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