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photos + design = much needed design fix

September 19, 2010

since the blog has been sitting stagnant since early last week, i thought now would be the perfect time to start another ‘segment’ if you will of the life as you live it blog. lately my design-genes have been aching for…something, anything, give-me-some-design-substance-please! my background is interior design & architecture and so i’ve decided to start incorporting photography related design into the blog. bear with me here, this hasn’t been all that well thought out, and it is 1:17am on a sunday morning; but i did dig up this cool link slash fun, creative design project to potentially display some of those loose family pictures that are adorning your junk pile/fridge/random-box-under-your-bed (see? i warned you…well thought out…not so much.)

but i do hope you enjoy this fun link from the design sponge blog (a great source for creative inspiration when you are in a drought), enjoy the night, the rest of this wonderful thing we call the weekend, and i’ll work to develop this much more professionally in the very near future!

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